Forms for Windows Mobile

Forms for Windows Mobile

Forms for Windows Mobile provide tools integrated into smart forms that enable you to monitor the performance of your mobile workforce. The checklist is powered by skip logic, which delivers fast, smart navigation through paperless forms that allow fixed responses or add other options for flexibility and are accessible on any Windows mobile device.

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Formitize Blogs Digest - May 2014

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Forms App Boosts Business Productivity Worldwide

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Formitize Launches New Field Services App for Businesses Worldwide

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How to Use Formitize Mobile Form Wizard

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Formitize Unveils New Health and Safety App

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Formitize Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions in November 2017

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Fire Inspector App – A Smart Way to Improve Businesses

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Formitize Launches Traffic Management App to Aid in Transition to Paperless

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How Two-way Communication Effectively Promotes Enterprise Mobility

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Formitize Unveils New Electrical Contractors App to Promote Enterprise Mobility

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Pest Control App Improves Operations and Productivity

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Formitize Blogs Digest - February 2014

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Formitize Launches New Hotel and Catering App for Businesses Worldwide

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5 Ways the iPhone 5S Can Boost your Enterprise Mobility

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How to Re-issue Jobs Using iPhone Forms

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Top 3 Reasons to Switch to Paperless Forms

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Formitize Introduces Building Surveyors App to Free Businesses from Paperwork

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Formitize Launches Mining Safety App to Enhance Business Workflow

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How to Optimize Business Processes Using Pest Control App

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Why Risk Management Android Works Well with Mobile Forms

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Building Inspector App – The Economic Answer to Excessive Resource Expenses

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How You Can Benefit from Enterprise Mobility

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3 Ways Enterprise Mobility Helps Save Money for Your Business

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How Smart Forms Provide Easy Access to Company Documents with Resources eLibrary

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3 Ways to Save Time, Money, and Effort Using Paperless Forms

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Formitize Launches Environmental Monitoring App to Meet Environmental Monitoring Needs

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3 Simple Ways to Avoid Drowning in Paperwork Using Paperless Forms

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Formitize Paperless App Unveils New Job Import Feature

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Formitize Advocates Paperless Technology with Facility Manager App

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Why Formitize Is a Powerful Tool for Company Compliance

Would you like to boost your business without shelling out thousands of dollars for some fancy equipment? Are you keen… read more

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