Three Areas Where Commercial Kitchen App Can Do Wonders for Your Business

Three Areas Where Commercial Kitchen App Can Do Wonders for Your Business

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A commercial kitchen is undoubtedly a very busy place. There are chefs milling about looking at their cooks’ work, and somebody from the counter bringing orders and taking ready meals out to the customers. Someone needs to put order into this chaotic arrangement, and that is exactly what Commercial Kitchen App offers the restaurateur.

Defining the Application’s Capabilities

To sum it up, the app is technology developed to build up on the capabilities of today’s mobile devices. These gadgets are like mini-computers themselves now, capable of word processing and browsing the Internet as well as play games. Of course, these gadgets can be made to do other things such as implementing enterprise mobility to any business organization like a commercial kitchen. Now, restaurant staff can go about their work conveniently with just their mobile devices at hand.

What Aspects of the Commercial Kitchen Can You Use The App For?

Taking into account its capabilities, the App for Commercial Kitchen can be used in these areas of operation:

  1. Order taking
    Although not technically a part of the kitchen, the waiter can speed up the process of order taking by simply taking a mobile device and inputting orders to pre-designed digital forms. After the orders have been finalized by the customer, the waiter simply sends the completed form to the Commercial Kitchen Software’s Management Portal where it can then be processed and forwarded to kitchen staff.

  2. Invoicing
    The Commercial Kitchen Apps provide for a Management Portal, a centralized location where all information is sent. Using a desktop or laptop computer, sales staff can import the order information from the Portal and put it into the invoicing system to generate the receipts necessary when the customers want to check out and pay for their meals.

  3. Assigning dishes to kitchen staff
    Now, cooks and chefs can easily keep track of the orders and who will be assigned which without having to shout at each other. When new smart forms representing new orders come in the Portal, the head chef can simply take the information and assign new forms to specific cooks or chefs so that they can work on it. It becomes easier to track the progress of orders, and for the cooks themselves to manage their own queues. It is now also possible not to miss orders because the cooks can view their assigned electronic forms through their mobile devices.

With the Commercial Kitchen Software integrated into any restaurant’s workflow, people assigned to these three areas of the establishment’s operation can perform more efficiently and effectively. One can expect fewer hitches in the processes and less delays in the processing of orders, as well as improved productivity and transparency from the staff.

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