The Importance of Records and How Fumigation App Can Help

The Importance of Records and How Fumigation App Can Help

Published on: 13-01-2015 | by Misty in Fumigation App, Fumigation Certificate, Fumigation App, Fumigation Certificate App, Fumigation Certificate Software, Fumigation, mobile workforce, mobile forms

What is fumigation? Well, fumigation is the task of getting rid of pests in an area with the use of, well, pesticides and fumigants. Now, while this is a lucrative business, it is also being tightly regulated because of the effects these chemicals can have to the environment. Keeping records can be difficult, so it’s best to use Fumigation App for this.

What Happens If I Don’t Keep Records?

The government is quite serious about this. If you don’t have any records to show if the environmental agency of your government requests for it, then you may be hefted a big fine. With the way government fees are, you might as well be closing shop as these fees are nearly impossible to recoup. So it’s best to be compliant and keep a Fumigation Certificate always handy after every application.

This is where using software to create and submit reports can help. With the app’s assistance, the entire process is turned into one that is very convenient for the mobile workforce to undertake and has an improved turnaround time.

What Are the App’s Helpful Features?

That is a good question. Here are the features that Fumigation App can offer its users:

1. Remote access to fumigation management plans
Before any application is undertaken, a pest control company is required to create a fumigation management plan by law. This is part of the paperwork carried around by your fumigation team on the way to the site. However, with the Fumigation Certificate App, you can now implement a paperless system for that. Thanks to the Resources E-Library, you can simply upload the fumigation plan and let the application team open it when they need to.

2. Remote submission of reports
Creating a post fumigation application summary can be very time-consuming. This post-application report is, after all, very detailed and comprehensive. With the mobile forms of the app, however, one can use a mobile device and its convenient information input features to draft up a report. Granted, the comprehensive nature of the report doesn’t change but the time required to create one is drastically reduced. How great is that?

3. Reports are guaranteed to be accurate and consistent
By using pre-determined templates for a Fumigation Certificate Software, the pest control executive can assure himself that the reports are indeed accurate and compliant with what the government requires. I, myself, would not want to submit reports that actually omit some information because that can be problematic – I don’t want to pay fines. The app saves you from this headache by allowing you to create your own templates based on legal requirements.

With the help of Fumigation, doing your job and keeping up with your obligations to the government has become a lot easier than you would’ve imagined. Take the tour today!

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