Real-time Monitoring is Now Possible with Mandatory Inspections App

Real-time Monitoring is Now Possible with Mandatory Inspections App

Published on: 16-12-2014 | by Misty in AIBS app, app for mandatory inspections, digital forms, enterprise mobility, inspections apps, Mandatory Inspections App, mobile workforce, paperless, Surveyors App

Inspections are integral to the operations of any business. That is why every manufacturing company has a quality control department. It helps to check the quality of the products that roll out. To keep track of the entire processes, Mandatory Inspections App should be implemented in the company’s organization and workflows.

Getting to Know the App

What’s the Surveyors App all about? It’s about giving the organization the means for real-time monitoring and paperless reporting. Remember, these capabilities have been but impossible in the past. However, the rise of smartphones and tablets since the Apple iPad first entered the market has made it possible now for entrepreneurs to command a truly mobile workforcecapable of reporting and being monitored in real time. How does the app do that? Well, let us take a look at what features the AIBS App has to offer the entrepreneur.

Here are the features of the Mandatory Inspections App that allow for full enterprise mobility from the workforce:

  1. Management Portal
    The app features a Management Portal. What does this Portal do? It provides a place where all the information from the workforce comes in – reports, images, and other stuff necessary to the company’s workflow. One thing to note about the Portal is its use of a Map to pinpoint the location and status of each team, which makes it very useful for remote monitoring for businesses like tradesmen companies, pest control firms, and the like.

  2. Paperless reporting system
    This is the one feature that makes remote monitoring and real-time reporting possible. By eliminating paperwork and establishing a 100% paperless reporting mechanism, the company can make sure that reports come on time. This opens many doors for opportunities within the company – the entire inspection process is speeded up as the time required for drafting up reports is simplified and expedited, thanks to the digital forms that form the backbone of the Surveyors App.

  3. Resources E-Library
    Last but not the least, the implementation of a fully digital workflow allows the workforce to be able to access the necessary documents without having to go back to headquarters and look for that. Management can simply upload these documents into the Resources e-Library of the inspections apps – they can now download and view the literature using their mobile device, and there’s not even a need to worry about conflicts and availability of the documents. These are available for viewing and downloading 24/7 from the e-Library.

There are plenty of other features that make the App for Mandatory Inspections equally mandatory for any business.

Learn more about what Mandatory Inspections App can do to help in the inspections process of your business. Take our tour now!

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