Purchase Order App – A New Way to Process Purchase Orders

Purchase Order App – A New Way to Process Purchase Orders

Published on: 20-01-2015 | by Misty in Purchase Order App, Purchase Order Apps, Purchasing App, Purchase Order Software, Purchase Order App.com, mobile forms, enterprise mobility, mobile workforce

Managing purchase orders can be daunting when there are a lot of them coming in. Can you imagine yourself handling and sorting a big stack of papers, all of them purchase orders and are all urgent, without forgetting about one or two orders along the way? That’s why you and your management staff should think about investing in Purchase Order App to help you out with what you need.

What Can You Expect From the App?

The app is your ideal solution to ensure that purchase orders are processed properly. After all, when a purchase order is received, you have to notify the inventory staff, the packaging personnel, up until the ones who are responsible for making sure the orders have left the warehouse and are on their way to their buyers. That’s only for one purchase order – you have to repeat the whole process again until that stock is depleted.

Purchase Order Apps will help you organize that part of your company’s workflow. Instead of having to process the orders manually, making the calls, etc., all you have to do is to input these purchase orders into the database. Once the database is updated, the ball will start rolling for that particular order alone.

How Does the App Do That?

The Purchasing App simplifies the entire process with this system:

First, the one in charge of receiving the purchases will access the app’s Management Portal and input the purchase order into a form, which will be sent to the right personnel. In this example, the mobile forms representing an individual purchase order will be sent to the inventory team and the team will then be notified of the order. The OIC of the purchasing orders will repeat this step when necessary until there are no more purchasing orders to process.

Next step will be taken by the Inventory Team. They will process the order, take the items out of the inventory and prepare the order for shipping. They will then mark the purchase order as processed, and will access another form in order to update the inventory. In other words, they will be using the Purchase Order Software to file a report on the status of the inventory, i.e. detailing which items were deducted, etc., and then sending it to the Management Portal. At the same time, the Courier Team will be notified of a package coming their way that they have to get ready for shipping.

With the app, you have total enterprise mobility that will improve how your mobile workforce will be handling purchase orders. Is it not worth the investment?

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