Management at a Glance with Transport Manager App

Management at a Glance with Transport Manager App

Published on: 19-08-2014 | by Misty in Transport Manager Software, Transport Manager App, Transport Manager Systems, Digital Forms, Mobile Workforce, Smart Forms

A transport manager deals with so many things at the same time. You may be dealing with one sector of your grid in one moment, and then you will have to turn your attention to another. Making things more difficult is the fact that you have to keep your eye on so many things at a time but you also have to be ready for something that suddenly pops up, like an emergency somewhere.

Why You Need Transport Manager App

Of course, legacy Transport Manager Software, while effective, is more or less unable to keep up with the rapid flow of information in a manner that allows you to react quickly in case of an emergency. With Transport Manager App for mobile phones, however, you have at your disposal a system that helps you manage your entire organization with just a glance – literally – and at the right price.

These are the capabilities that you will be equipping your transport management agency with when you invest in Transport Manager Systems:

Real-time reporting and updates
You have to have real-time reports in order to have an accurate picture of what is going on out there in the field. Fortunately, the app allows your field team to submit reports right after they are done with their tasks so that you can assess accurately the status of a specific job. If you need to know the status of a repair job on a train system that you manage, the submission or non-submission of a report from the assigned team will let you know if the job has been undertaken or not.

Easy to use system
The system relies mainly on digital forms for reporting and for monitoring. mobile workforce with intuitive and easy-to-use smart forms that they can access using their mobile phones. They need not spend time trying to learn how to use the system. Once the app is installed into their mobile phones, they are good to go. Their workaround time will be much faster than when they were doing it using paperwork.

Strong security policy
The security policy of the app is simple but effective. It allows you to set three access levels to the users of your system. The lowest access level is the Form-only level, which is not able to access the Dashboard, edit the data system, or reassign the form to someone else. This helps prevent data theft and manipulation, as well as keeping field teams from slacking off and exchanging tasks.

These are three features that make up the ideal monitoring and management system – security, ease of use, and real-time processing.

Discover how Transport Manager App can help you in monitoring and overseeing your transport management organization. Take our tour today!

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