How to Use the New Bulk Job Import and Dispatch Function

How to Use the New Bulk Job Import and Dispatch Function

Published on: 15-04-2014 | by Misty in enterprise mobility, mobile workforce, paperless, smart forms, mobile forms, paperless forms, digital forms

Are you in the process of implementing enterprise mobility across your business? If so, you’re probably familiar with the headache that comes with the transition. You keep telling yourself that this will all be gone soon once your new system is in place and running smoothly. What if you found out right now that there is a more efficient way to increase productivity as you equip your mobile workforce with the necessary equipment and skills?

Yes, the difficult task of making your paperwork paperless is no mean feat. However, once your system is in place, you can rest easy knowing that your business processes are as efficient as can be and your mobile workforce are at their most productive. But how can you do this without sacrificing precious company time and resources? Simple. Get an app that does all of these for you and more. Formitize was created for this purpose. So how does this work, exactly?

Dispatching and Managing Jobs

First, you need to learn how to effectively dispatch and manage jobs. To do this, you will need a powerful application or software to help make the transition seamless and worry-free. Formitize uses the power of the cloud and enterprise mobility so you can dispatch jobs to your field agents and send pre-filled reports straight to their device in seconds. Our job dispatcher gives you total control over what your staff are doing and when. Now you can monitor their progress from start to finish using your web-based management portal. This removes duplicate information on repeat jobs and guarantees accuracy.

Formitize’s Job Dispatcher is the perfect tool for Risk Assessments, Hot Work Orders, Purchase Orders, or any other process that requires two-way communication. Every time a field user submits smart forms, the Supervisor is notified with a link to the form. The administrators can then access the mobile forms on the management portal where they can add comments and actions. When further information is required, simply indicate the fields that need to be completed and re-send the form to the field user automatically. Now that you know how to dispatch and manage jobs, prepare to be amazed with our all new and improved bulk job import and dispatch feature.

New Bulk Job Import and Dispatch Function

In the past, uploading and dispatching jobs took a lot of time because you could only upload them one at a time. We listened to our clients and worked out the kinks so that you can work faster and smarter, sans the hassle. As part of the Jobs Function, you can now upload CSV or Excel Documents into the Job Dispatcher and assign the jobs to users instantly. The solution is extremely powerful and very flexible. The upload document does not need to be in a particular format, making the solution incredibly flexible. Fields are simply dragged and dropped into the relevant job and form sections and thousands of jobs can be uploaded and dispatched in seconds with all known information correctly populating into relevant sections in the jobs and eForms.

This new feature offers more than just time and cost savings. It also ensures accuracy because you have complete control over what you upload in bulk. Even if you upload files by mistake, you can always go back and remove them before sending out new assignments. Because everything is done in real time, you won’t ever have to worry about sending out the wrong files or information to your field agents. Simply make the necessary corrections and send out the appropriate eForms to your mobile workforce. It’s that simple. Now you have complete control all the time.

Discover more ways to use the brand new bulk job import and dispatch function. Take our tour today!

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