How to Dispatch New Jobs Using Electronic Forms

How to Dispatch New Jobs Using Electronic Forms

Published on: 08-04-2014 | by Misty in electronic forms, paperless, enterprise mobility, mobile workforce, digital forms, mobile forms, paperless forms

The growth of enterprise mobility in businesses around the world has introduced the use of mobile devices and promotes a paperless work environment. In your organization, have you started using digital forms instead of the old paper documents? If so, has it completely changed the way you do business? If not, would you like to give it a try?

Making your paperwork paperless is a breeze when you make the right choices. In order to increase productivity, you must improve business processes. This requires using the right tools and applications; and you must equip your staff with the necessary skills too. This is where electronic forms come in handy. When you go paperless, you need an app that allows you to use your old paper documents, albeit, in paperless format. This makes the transition smooth and easy as your mobile workforce can use the same reports and paperless forms.

Why Use Electronic Forms?

Simply put, electronic forms can be used to replace existing paper documents. When you go paperless, the first things to go are expensive printers and toners. Next, you must take care of the actual paper documents that you will need for your business. Before you get rid of all that paperwork, you need to convert them into digital forms. Once that is done, save all of these new forms and reports in a secure cloud environment that is safe from prying eyes and unwanted access.

Formitize has created a paperless app that enables you to convert existing paper reports to mobile forms that you can access anytime, anywhere. The app comes with a web-based management portal that lets you store important files in the cloud and provides restricted access. This means only you or your administrator can assign unique usernames and passwords to selected people on your team so they can open, update, and submit paperless forms and reports. Now you can create, pre-populate, and dispatch new jobs to members of your mobile workforce whenever, wherever.

Job Dispatch Enhancements

The integrated Job Dispatcher in the Formitize app has been enhanced with some great new features to assist in communication and efficiencies between the office and field users. The latest job dispatch enhancements offers nifty new features that you and your mobile workforce can use to improve productivity while on the field.

We have updated the Notifications feature. A Job Notification is now presented to Field Users on their mobile device when they have been sent a new Job via the Job Dispatcher. The notification alert can also provide details of the Job. The notification can also be used to send instant Short Messages to Field Users. Make your paperwork paperless with these amazing new features.

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