How Mining Safety App Can Help Save Lives and Cut Costs

How Mining Safety App Can Help Save Lives and Cut Costs

Published on: 22-07-2014 | by Misty in Mining Safety App, paperless, mobile workforce, mobile forms, smart forms, digital forms, electronic forms, paperless forms

According to a news report, Professor Michael Quinlan of the University of New South Wales, an independent auditor, reveals that there are critical deficiencies in Tasmania’s mining safety system. In his study, Professor Quinlan says, the Tasmanian regulatory framework is “deficient in a number of regards” and recommends an urgent review of existing rules.

He says, “It's imperative critical gaps in existing rules be addressed because most, if not all, are pivotal to preventing fatal accidents.” The report suggests mining companies should cover the cost of appointing another safety inspector and a qualified coal mine inspector be brought from interstate every six months.

So how does this change the way mining businesses operate?

More Safety Measures and Personnel Mean More Costs

Your mining business has the potential to earn you millions of dollars. You can help thousands of people find gainful employment as they help you live out your vision and your dreams. You even have the capacity to help your government earn as your business grows.

However, in the mining industry, both the government and mining companies need to shell out more money to hire mining safety experts to ensure that every nook and cranny will undergo the most thorough inspection. All this is needed to prevent mine safety related accidents and problems in the future. This means more people on the payroll and you know that this means more expenses and costs, which could have been invested in other areas of your business. So what can you do to change this?

The main concern here is mining safety. Thus, you must install preventive measures in order to ensure safety and avoid accidents in your workplace. You also need to comply with government regulations and policies regarding mining safety. Education helps – your entire organisation need to be constantly updated with the latest news, laws, guidelines, and regulations related to mining.

What can you do to maintain mining safety and ensure maximum security for all your employees, including your mobile workforce, whilst keeping costs at a minimum? You need to implement strategies in your business to address mining safety issues and meet government requirements using ways and means that save you time, money, and resources. So how do you do that? Try Mining Safety App!

What Mining Safety App Can Do

Using the smart forms provided with your Mining Safety App, you can eliminate all of your paperwork and replace it with electronic forms and paperless reports. Imagine going to the office without having to deal with mountains of paperwork on your desk. Everything you need to do to keep your mining business running is in one fantastic app, with fully functional tools integrated right into your app and accessible using any computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Assign new jobs to your miners in the field simply by sending pre-filled forms to the appropriate person and watch as they fill out your digital forms in real time. But what if there is no Internet connection at the mining site? No worries! Your staff can fill out the forms with the necessary data and, when there is Internet access, the paperless forms automatically sync with the new information uploaded to your database instantly!

Mining Safety App can save time, money, and even lives as you will always be in compliance with government and industry regulations as long as your mobile forms are up-to-date. You can even keep your mobile workforce in the loop by sharing the latest versions of your company policies. This paperless sharing of new information will help your mining business grow whilst ensuring the safety of your entire staff.

Discover how Mining Safety App can help save lives and cut costs for you and your organisation. Take our tour today!

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