How Building Surveyors App Can Improve Business Processes

How Building Surveyors App Can Improve Business Processes

Published on: 26-08-2014 | by Misty in Building Surveyors App, App for Building Surveyors, App for Surveyors, AIBS App, Surveyors App, Paperless Forms, Mobile Workforce

Every manager is concerned about making their business processes as efficient as possible. If there are ways to make a process 100% efficient, of course, a manager is going to rise up to the challenge. Nowadays, it is possible to raise the bar on process efficiency by up to 90% thanks to the technology that is now available. One of these innovations is the mobile Building Surveyors App.

A Close Look at What This Technology Offers

It is without a doubt that this technology is worth investing in; but, of course, any entrepreneur would want to and should ask questions. What does this technology offer for building surveyors?

These are the features that the App for Building Surveyors offers:

1. Fully digital forms
Forms are central to the operations of any building surveyor. You would need these forms to make comments and to gauge whether a structure is worth issuing a building permit for. However, with the app, paperless forms are utilized. This significantly improves the efficiency and the turnaround time for every inspection that your field teams undertake. Best yet, the app will improve the total workaround time for your entire process.

2. Instant updates and uploads
Have you thought about how great it would be to your building surveyor company if updates are sent out instantly or in real time? That is now a reality with this App for Surveyors at your side. The app features a Web-based portal to which the reports are submitted, and you can instantly review submissions so that you can request revisions right away when necessary. Imagine how many applications you can process in one day, and how convenient this would be for yourself and your clients.

3. Effortless monitoring and management
Monitoring a large workforce is not an easy task, but the mobile workforce that you will be managing when you invest in the AIBS app will make it easier for you. With the Web-based portal or Dashboard that comes with your investment, you will be able to tell at a glance the status of any field team or be able to see if reports that you have been expecting have come in. Indeed, this is a manager’s dream.

4. Less expenses
Finally, getting that Surveyors App for your business will reduce your expenses significantly. How does it do that? It eliminates the need for you to stock up on and use paper for your reporting! Believe it or not but, when you go check out your financial statements, you will find that office paper supplies actually account for a significant portion of your total operational expenses for any given period. Investing on this app will allow you to let go of those expenditures and pave the road for financial success.

Get Ready for the Experience

The app is here to stay, so you can be at an advantage if you invest in the app as early as now. We would be very happy to accommodate your inquiries and guide you in understanding how Building Surveyors App can help your business. Take our tour today!

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