Formitize Unveils Job Dispatch Enhancements in New and Improved App

Formitize Unveils Job Dispatch Enhancements in New and Improved App

Published on: 01-04-2014 | by Misty in paperless

SYDNEY, Australia April 2014 – The creators behind innovative paperless solution Formitize continues to enhance the solution with feature improvements as part of the ongoing development pipeline. Most notable among these new and improved functions are the job dispatch enhancements, including integrated maps and directions.

Job Dispatch Enhancements

The integrated Job Dispatcher has been enhanced with some great new features to assist in communication and efficiencies between the office and field users. An instant Job Notification is now presented to Field Users on their mobile device when they have been sent a new Job via the Job Dispatcher. The notification alert can also provide details of the Job. The notification can also be used to send instant Short Messages to Field Users.

The Priority Settings and colours for jobs have also received a major makeover. Although Jobs are displayed by appointment time chronologically, a new colour scheme has been added to emphasize priority or importance around the Jobs dispatched. Colour coding enables priorities to be understood at a glance.

The new Integrated Maps and Directions function was further enhanced to simplify finding directions using the new Formitize app. When a Job is received by the Field User, it will now include a map with the Job Location marked and the suggested route from their current location to the Job. A simple click through to the Map will provide step by directions to the location.

Other Developments

The Job Dispatch enhancements are not the only new features that were in the works. Here are other new features that are designed to enhance the Formitize app user’s experience:

  1. De-sensitizing Photo Function
    When scrolling through a form, it was quite easy to inadvertently open the camera feature by accidentally touching it. The button is now de-sensitized so that it needs a more deliberate touch to activate the camera.

  2. Enhanced Time & Date Stamping Photos
    Although this has always been possible to time and date stamp photos in relation to the form creation fields or by manual entry, time and date stamping is now automatically included and linked to the camera action itself. This provides much more specific time and date stamping and provides more accuracy for forms that for example are completed over an extended period of time.

  3. Enhanced GPS stamping
    The “Fetch” option automatically grabs the GPS position and converts to street address to assist in the efficiency of completing forms. Due to client requests, the GPS co-ordinates are now included under the address and these co-ordinates can be auto-populated into reports where required as standard co-ordinates or OS Grid.

  4. Form Section Completion Indicators
    All sections including Mandatory fields will be in red if not completed on submission and then these indicators will turn green on completion. This assists the User in quickly identifying missed mandatory fields and therefore ensures efficient form submission.

  5. Bulk Job Import and Dispatch Function
    As part of the Jobs Function, you can now upload CSV or Excel Documents into the Job Dispatcher and Assign the jobs to Users instantly. The solution is extremely powerful and very flexible. The upload document does not need to be in a particular format making the solution incredibly flexible. Fields are simply dragged and dropped into the relevant Job and Form sections and thousands of Jobs can be uploaded and dispatched in seconds with all known information correctly populating into relevant sections in the Job and Form.

Matt Burge, CEO at Formitize states, “The overall features and included capabilities stand Formitize apart as the clear global leader in terms of feature-rich mobile data collection. Our dynamic New Feature Pipeline means there is so much more great stuff still to come. The pipeline is driven by inspirational customer requests and the imagination of our brilliant technical team who just get it right every time. I am very proud not only of their skill but in their creative drive to remain the best.”

These are just some of the exciting new features that Formitize has prepared for clients across a myriad of industries. Discover how the new and improved app can help make paperwork paperless. Take Our Tour today!

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