Formitize Launches Fumigation App For Pest Control Industry

Formitize Launches Fumigation App For Pest Control Industry

Published on: 14-01-2015 | by Misty in Fumigation App, Fumigation Software, Fumigations Systems, Fumigation, mobile workforce, paperless, mobile forms

SYDNEY, Australia January 2015 – With a line of industry-specific mobile apps in its belt, Formitize marks yet another milestone in making processes 100% electronic for companies. Formitize is pleased to announce the release of Fumigation App, intended for specialists in insecticides and other forms of agricultural, residential, and corporate pest control.

What Fumigation is All About

Fumigation is spraying crops and even premises with chemicals in order to get rid of pests and parasites. The chemicals used in fumigation are very strong, and could be lethal to the environment. Thus, pest control companies working in residential and agricultural applications of fumigants are required to keep records of their use for a period of time. These records could be requested anytime by relevant government agencies. If the company is not able to produce these records, it could be hefted fines and be in for some legal trouble.

The App’s Helpful Features

The app is designed to make record-keeping easier for the fumigation company, but it also has other capabilities, including:

• Real-time reporting
When the Fumigation Software is used to enter information into the database, the data is received in real time. This means that the program can then be used as a means to record attendance – management only needs to create a pre-designed form for logging in and logging out through a mobile device. The system time in the app will ensure transparency from the mobile workforce as the database will record the timestamp for each time-in report.

• Electronic data archives
The app takes the paperless system further by providing a means for fumigation companies to keep records without using paper. This is the Resources E-Library. Management can simply digitize all existing records and upload them to the E-Library, while submitting latest reports in electronic formats to the facility. This way, when there is a need, the user can simply pull up the report and present it in digital format to the inspector using a smartphone.

• Bird’s eye view management
Finally, the app comes with a Management Portal that allows administrative staff to view status of tasks as well as the roster of employees assigned to them. The Portal in Fumigations Systems allows managers to determine, at a glance, the overall status of the entire workforce, eliminating the need to contact each team directly.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “The Fumigation Certificate App makes use of mobile forms in order to facilitate paperless data entry. Everything is done using a mobile device. To create a certificate, the user only needs to fill up a mobile form with pre-determined field that correspond to information that are used in the record. That is a more convenient process as compared to using paperwork to create fumigant usage records and other data that must be stored.”

Learn More About the App

Fumigation App has other features that can help make record-keeping and data management easy for fumigation companies. Visit Fumigation to learn more about these features and what they can do for pest control management. Take the tour today!

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